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The General Legal Council was established by the Legal Profession Act, 1960 (Act 32) to serve as the regulatory body for legal education and the legal profession. Its main utility for the public and users of legal services is that it oversees the conduct of lawyers and general practice of the law in the country. For this reason, the GLC receives complaints on breaches of the legal code of ethics by practitioners and decides cases before it in accordance with its procedures. Complaints may be sent in in hard copy to its offices or via its complaints platform on the GLC’s website. 

Information on licensed lawyers and lawyers that may have disciplinary actions against them or may have been disbarred is available on the GLC’s website.

Advertised address and contacts of the GLC:

Main office: Judicial Service Administrative Block, Supreme Court, P. O. Box. 179, Accra.
Secretariat: 2nd Floor, Ghana Law School, Accra
Tel: +233-302-667706 / 663246


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