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FIDA Ghana is the Ghana affiliate of the International Federation of Women Lawyers engaged in the provision of free legal services, legal literacy, and outreach, gender and legislative advocacy among others for the benefit of economically challenged persons.

FIDA runs a legal aid service delivered by its member lawyers on pro bono basis from Tuesdays to Thursdays. Interventions are mainly through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms however where there is need, FIDA supports clients to represent themselves in court if they so wish by coaching clients on court processes and preparing the required court documents for filing. FIDA lawyers also represent clients in court without taking fees if the association or the client can pay for the court fees. FIDA is currently working to obtain a waiver on court fees for its free legal service.

The organisation has an office in Madina Estates, Accra. Its contact telephone numbers are ……… They may also be reached through their Facebook page at

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