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Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice

CHRAJ is an independent constitutional body, created by the Constitution 1992 to promote and protect citizen’s rights with respect to human rights and administrative justice including public corruption. Its offices are spread across the country in 110 districts, 10 regions and the head office located in the old Parliament House building on the High Street, Accra central. 

One of the key functions of the Commission is to receive and investigate complaints relating to its mandate areas. The Commission houses a Complaints Unit at the head office where concerns, grievances and complaints clustered around child rights, women’s rights, property rights, economic and social rights, political and civil rights may be lodged. The district and regional offices also receive complaints. Examples of complaints include spousal or child neglect or abuse, all forms of discriminatory practices, unfair practices, neglect of duty or corruption by or involving public officers, obstruction of persons from accessing or enjoying what they are entitled to including property rights.  

Complainants are free to make verbal or written submissions and may also speak in any local language. Complaints can also be lodged electronically, by phone, by post or in person. Decisions of the Commission are appealable in the High Court. 

The services of CHRAJ are free!

Advertised contacts of CHRAJ

Phone: 0242211534

Toll Free: 0800-330-330



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