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Opening Post

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Wilma Akuya Osei

Lawyer|| Administrator|| Founder and Managing Counsel, The Pocketlaw Project

It is the first blog post. So happy to get started!

Being the first, today’s post is introductory and devoted to giving you a brief idea of what to expect. Take a tour on the site and settle in and if you have not read the About pages yet, please consider doing that.

Expect monthly posts on this blog (possibly more frequently). Follow the project’s social media pages on Instagram at and on Facebook at, to get notifications on new posts and updates on new material on the site as we get along.

For starters, the issues we will be addressing on the blog will be centred around family law because those matters are usually of most concern in legal aid clinics. Family law includes matters such as child custody and maintenance, divorce and marriage, administration of estates and succession, property, wills, paternity, and domestic violence. We will ease into other areas of law and general interest in due course.

But this is hopefully not a lonely journey. We will take inspiration from your comments, feedback, questions and issues you raise too!

Welcome to what we believe will be a mutually illuminating experience.

Ms. Wilma

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