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PocketLaw is designed to inform, educate and provide a platform for sharing experiences and opinions on every day legal matters. I invite you to question, comment and share your views and experiences for the benefit of the larger community. As you do so, please keep in mind that this is a project to empower; user comments and interactions are therefore required to be respectful and accommodating of all others.


This section features 4 pages, all focusing on an area of support that users can tap into to improve general knowledge on legal rights, duties and reliefs including resources for accessing the judicial system.

  • Essentialized and simplified summaries of Ghanaian laws or regulations labelled as Summary Statutes

  • Downloadable statutory forms used for a variety of court processes especially at the district level.

  • Information on state or private institutional and individual support mechanisms under the label “Find Help’.

  • Podcasts featuring interviews and presentations on legal issues, processes and institutional mechanisms.


This section will feature blogs posts on pertinent legal issues or topics.

Users may comment on blog posts or share to other platforms.


Users are provided an opportunity to share personal stories or experiences that they have personal knowledge of.  This is purely to deepen consciousness, awareness and learning and not an opportunity to settle personal scores. Submissions will be published, leaving out information that reveals identities of persons involved.


This website is a free service. Users are under no obligation to pay for any of the project’s resources.  Support in any form is nonetheless very much welcome to help keep the project in existence. In this section you will find out ways in which you can help sustain this project.

By donating money, volunteering your time, services, or expertise or sharing knowledge with others who may be unable to access the resources, you can contribute to sustaining the project.


Contact details and addresses for the project are available on this page.

Users can submit comments or questions on issue of concern. Effort will be made to respond to individual enquiries within a week. If a comment(s) or questions suggest that an issue must be more generally addressed or has a large community of interest, a blog post in response will be made without disclosing the sender(s) identity for the benefit of the whole community.

The section also houses a forum where users can engage with a wider community of users on issues of interest initiated by PocketLaw or users. Users may sign up as a members for free to participate in the forum. Note that this feature will be activated in due course.

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